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Writers Edition Homage to Robert Louis Stevenson Limited Edition Rollerball Pen


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Robert Louis Stevenson, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1850, had two great desires: for freedom and for the distraction of immersing himself in another world. He composed essays and travel accounts as well as his legendary adventure stories peopled with striking characters whose names send a shiver down the spines of readers around the world: Long John Silver, Captain Flint, Jekyll and Hyde.

The Montblanc Writers Edition Homage to Robert Louis Stevenson Limited Edition Rollerball Pen is dedicated to this imaginative storyteller. The novel “Treasure Island” inspired many design details of the edition. The overall shape of the writing instrument and the rings on the cone combine to create an impression of a historic, extendable spyglass. The black precious resin barrel is decorated with engraved crosses, including a larger “X” like the one marking the location of the treasure on a map. Vertical lines that bring to mind the planks of the schooner “Hispaniola” and a traditional sea chest adorn the cap of the Writers Edition. Behind the platinum-coated clip, the lines converge in a compass rose, while the clip imitates the shape of a belaying pin, to which the lines of a ship’s rigging would be secured. The cap top is crowned by the Montblanc emblem emblazoned with the pirate’s symbol, a skull and crossbones, elevated at its centre. In addition, the cap ring is adorned with an engraving of Stevenson’s signature alongside the publication date of his first work “The Pentland Rising”, 1886. The years of Robert Louis Stevenson’s life, 1850-1894, are engraved on the cap.

Product Features:
  • Engraved precious black resin barrel and ivory resin cap
  • Cap inlaid with Montblanc emblem emblazoned with the pirate’s symbol: a skull and crossbones
  • Platinum-coated clip
  • Individual serial number
  • Screw-on cap closure
  • Fitted with Montblanc black medium rollerball refill
  • Numbered limited edition to 9,000 pieces worldwide
  • Specially designed book gift-box
  • Montblanc international 2 years manufacturing warranty
  • Ident No. MB129418