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Grappa Limited Edition Fountain Pen


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Both the historic traditions of grappa distilling and the aesthetic of steampunk have inspired and influenced the design of the latest edition to Montegrappa's Cult collection - the Grappa fountain pen. The materials used in the manufacture of the Grappa, reminiscent of the distilling vessels, include Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper for the cap and barrel, employed in the manner of the actual equipment’s construction.

Montegrappa's skilled technicians executed hand-applied hammering techniques on the copper components, while tiny screws, both functional and ornamental, remind the user of the technological inspiration of the product. The pocket clip continues the Grappa making theme, formed to rekindle the use of copper tubing used in the distillation process. Exquisite touches detail both ends of this remarkable writing instrument. Inserted into the top of the cap is a disc made of real cork as used in a grappa bottle top, beneath a filigree-cut octagonal grid recalling Montegrappa's eight-sided symbol. The pen is fitted with a 18kt gold two tone nib, embellished with grapes on the vine and presented in a beautiful blown glass bottle akin to a glass distilling vessel with dark wood stand and an ingenious stopper upon which the pen can be suspended when not in use. The fountain pen is limited to 1912 pieces, which denotes the year of establishment of the Montegrappa company.

Product Features:
  • 18kt gold duo tone nib, engraved with grapes on the vine
  • Stainless steel, brass and copper material
  • Hand-applied hammering techniques
  • Ornamental mini screws
  • Screw-on cap closure
  • Converter or cartridge filling system
  • Converter and cartridges supplied
  • Compatible with International standard ink cartridges
  • Limited edition to 1912 fountain pens
  • Presented in a blown glass bottle with large globe base
  • Montegrappa coat of arms
  • Montegrappa International 2 years manufacturing warranty