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1911 Shikiori 5th Anniversary “Minori” Limited Edition Fountain Pen


Medium-Fine (MF)
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The Shikiori Pen series by Sailor is celebrating its 5th anniversary with this reflective new design inspired by a grain of rice. Sailor 1911 Shikiori 5th Anniversary “Minori” (meaning bountiful harvest in Japanese) is designed to echo the colours in rice paddies, with the soft reflection of a blue sky in the body, the green of growing rice shown on the section, and golden hour sunshine glinting off of the water at sundown captured in the cap. These intricate details come together in the shape of a grain of rice, and are complimented by brilliant gold ion-plated accents with a 14K gold Medium-Fine nib. The fountain pen is presented in a set, with a 20ml bottle of colour-changing ink. This ink writes green and then becomes more hazel-coloured as it dries, mimicking the life cycle of rice as it grows and then eventually returns to the earth.

Product Features:
  • 14k gold nib
  • Sky blue body with green section
  • Transparent cap with gold flecks
  • Gold trims and accents
  • Screw-on cap closure
  • Filling system: Converter or cartridge
  • Converter and Shikiori 5th Anniv ink 20ml included with pen
  • Accepts Sailor ink cartridges
  • Gift-boxed