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Ogiva “222” Limited Edition Fountain Pen


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Omas is back with the brand relaunch edition and have selected one of the rarest materials from the original Omas stock - Blue Saffron. Using the original Blue saffron materials, Omas have made 222 pieces to commemorate February 22nd 2022 when the idea of reviving Omas started. Omas selected the Ogiva model to pair with this memorising material as Ogiva means the top of an arch, and represents the high hopes Omas had for this pen and their brand.

Continuing the Italian writing instrument tradition, the Ogiva “222” Limited Edition Fountain Pen is handmade in Naples, Italy. Fitted with a 18k Omas gold nib, each pen is individually marked with serial numbers out of 222, engraved on the barrel of the pen. The Omas 222 has a piston filling system, with a separate ink reservoir constructed so that the ink will not be in direct contact with the Blue Saffron celluloid.

Product Features:
  • 18k gold nib
  • Blue Saffron celluloid with gold trims
  • Special engraving on the barrel
  • Screw-on cap closure
  • Piston filling system
  • Limited edition to 222 pieces worldwide
  • Gift-boxed
  • Omas International 2 years manufacturing warranty