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Homo Sapiens Bronze Oversize Fountain Pen


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The Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Oversize Fountain Pen transgress the pre-history of human kind and the modern high technological age. The material in this pen is as antique as the world, hardened basaltic volcanic lava from Mt Edna volcano, adorned with bronze appointments. Produced of a material containing over 50% of pure basaltic lava and catalysed together with resin in a patented formula. This makes the pen is virtually unbreakable, highly resilient and slightly hygroscopic, meaning it has the ability to absorb moisture from your hand. Voted as the winner of Penworld 2011 ‘Best Writing Pen’ award, the Homo Sapiens Bronze Fountain Pen is fitted with a 18k gold nib.

Product Features:
  • 18k gold nib
  • Oversized Mt Edna basaltic lava cap and barrel
  • Bronze trims
  • Hook safe lock cap mechanism
  • High vacuum power filling system
  • Gift-boxed
  • Visconti International 2 Years manufacturing warranty
  • Due to the nature of the material, actual product colour may vary