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Porsche Design

TecFlex Black Fountain Pen

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The extraordinary barrel of the P3110 Porsche Design TecFlex Black Fountain Pen consists of fine stainless steel threads which are precisely woven and finished with a matte black chrome coating. The front parts and cap of the fountain pen are also covered with the same matte black chrome coating. The TecFlex Black Fountain Pen is equipped with completely rhodinised 18k gold nib, its cut and finish ensure a pleasant feel as it glides across the paper.

Product Features:
  • 18k gold nib
  • Matte black chrome stainless steel weave barrel
  • Black chrome cap and trims
  • Screw-on cap closure
  • Converter or cartridge filling system
  • Converter supplied
  • Compatible with International standard ink cartridges
  • Gift-boxed
  • Porsche Design International 2 years manufacturing warranty