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Fisher Spacepen

Matte Black Bullet Space Pen with Clip & NASA Logo


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For over 50 years, Fisher Space Pen has been proud to have their technology approved and used on every crewed flight into space since 1967 with NASA. Today, space exploration is achieving unimaginable accomplishments, while NASA is continuing to push the envelope of what is possible, in space. Finally, fans have the chance to collect their first Bullet Space Pen donning the NASA Meatball logo! The Fisher Matte Black Bullet Space Pen is the most popular Fisher Space pen style. When closed, it is the perfect compact size to carry around and when opened, it extends to a full sized, well-balanced writing instrument.

Product Features:
  • Matte black lacquer cap and barrel with clip & NASA logo
  • Push-on cap closure
  • Fitted with Fisher black medium pressurised ballpoint refill
  • Gift-boxed with Fisher Space Pen International lifetime manufacturing warranty