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Accent Palladium Multi-Function Pen


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Designed by Phoenix Product Design, the LAMY Accent Palladium Multi-Function Pen incorporates 3 ballpoint pens and 1 mechanical pencil into a practical, streamlined solution. To use the pen, rotate  to view your desired colour in the display window, press the button and the tip is extended. The Accent features a palladium plated barrel with an interchangeable rubber grip section.

Product Features:
  • Palladium plated barrel
  • Trims with india rubber grip section
  • Push action system identification ballpoint and pencil mechanism
  • Fitted with LAMY M21 black, blue and red refill and 0.7mm lead
  • Replaceable eraser under end cap
  • Gift-boxed
  • LAMY International 2 years manufacturing warranty