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Decimo Capless Limited Edition Colour Red Fountain Pen

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The Pilot Decimo Capless Limited Edition Colour Red Fountain Pen is released as part of Vol. 4, in a collection of 20 limited edition colours. A slimmer and lighter version of the classic vanishing point, the pen features new alumite technology (anodized aluminium), which provides increased resistance to corrosion and wear, with better colour and paint adhesion. Alumite Technology, coupled with hairline techniques also creates a new tactile texture to the barrel. In addition, the exceptional craftsmanship of the fountain pen barrel contains a mechanism of rare precision which allows the 18k gold nib to retract into the barrel when not in use. The pen comes gift boxed, with a Pilot Converter-40 and a black ink cartridge.

Product Features:
  • 18k gold nib
  • Red anodized aluminium barrel with rhodium trims
  • Push-action, retractable fountain pen mechanism
  • Ingenious patented design allows nib to retract into pen body
  • Converter or cartridge filling system
  • Converter and ink cartridge included
  • Accepts Pilot ink cartridges
  • Gift-boxed