Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of The Year 2019 Samurai Fountain Pen


Courage and self-discipline – the Samurai were driven by lofty virtues. The Pen of the Year 2019 is inspired by the Japanese Samurai (Bushi), the aesthetics of their weapons and by their mindset. The barrel made of dark-stained magnolia wood is reminiscent of the Samurais’ long swords (katanas) and features a quote engraved in 24k gold varnish by Miyamoto Musashi, ” Today I win against myself of yesterday”. The design of the hand-forged handle is reminiscent of the mysterious beauty of the stingray leather the samurai used to cover their swords’ handles. A metal plate, engraved with the gold plated Japanese character for samurai, adorns the cap. In addition, each writing instrument is individually numbered and comes presented in a highly polished, deep-black wooden case, which can also be used as a collector’s case as the second insert has room for an additional six writing instruments.

Product Features:

• 18k gold nib, ruthenium plated
• Dark-stained magnolia wood barrel with 24k gold varnish engraving
• Cap and handle coated in ruthenium
• A metal plate, engraved in 24k gold adorns the cap
• End cap engraved with the symbol created by Musashi for the word tsuba (hand guard)
• Screw-on cap closure
• Piston filling system with rotary knob
• Limited to 400 pieces worldwide
• Gift-boxed in a luxurious black lacquer wooden case
• Graf von Faber-Castell International life-time manufacturing warranty
• Other nib sizes (Fine or Broad) is available on request

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