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Duraflex Demonstrator Limited Edition Fountain Pen


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New from the Duragraph line, the Conklin Duraflex Demonstrator Limited Edition Fountain Pen is a translucent pen that features the dazzling inner workings of the Duraflex. Inspired by and named after past salesman aid tools to demonstrate. The ever-famous Duragraph line, the Duraflex features a similar cap and body style, paying tribute to classic designs. The pen is machined to perfection using strong handmade clear resin and finished with polished chrome accents and an OmniFlex flexible writing nib. The Conklin Duraflex Fountain Pen is limited to 1898 pieces worldwide.

Product Features:
  • OmniFlex nib
  • Clear resin cap and barrel with chrome trims
  • Screw cap closure
  • Converter or cartridge filling system
  • Converter and cartridge included
  • Compatible with International standard ink cartridges
  • Conklin International limited life-time manufacturing warranty